C. Murray Bartle PhD

Murray Bartle, PhD

PhD in Physics

Murray has a teaching and research background in applied physics.

Activities since 2005

  • 2016 - present. Consultant to the agricultural industry

  • 2005 - 2015 Contracted lecturer (Applied Physics) and supporting research leader (Radiation Detecting Materials)

    Victoria University of Wellington

    2011 - 2015 Lecturing (experimental techniques and nuclear energy); 2005 - 2013 Research (radiation detection group, leader: Assoc.Prof.Andy Edgar).

  • 2010 - present. Director and Owner

    Penguin Scientific and Medical Ltd

    Research, Applications of physics in industry, development of new measurement methods, international science and education. Invited presenter to Asia/Pacific countries on industrial uses of neutrons.

  • 2005 - 2010 Principal Scientist

    GNS Science

    Previously a senior scientist and scientist since 1980. Research team Leader in applying non-invasive techniques in industry.

Sketch of Capabilities and Highlights

  • Experience both in NZ and overseas in research and tertiary teaching. Worked with the meat processing industry on real-time fat measurement in boneless meat.
  • Previously a senior lecturer at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, a research fellow at the Australian National University and research associate at the University of Wisconsin, Madison USA
  • Previously a consultant to Los Alamos National Laboratory USA and to NZ Customs and Biosecurity NZ.
  • Experience provides a unique skill base in industrial innovation and tertiary teaching.
  • 'Linkedin' skills noted: physics, science, nuclear physics, research, electronics, R&D, radiation, teaching, materials science, solid state physics, and 11 others.
  • Patentee in novel noninvasive methods for evaluating hidden compositions, densities, thicknesses and locations (owners GNS Science).
  • e.g. Patent US5479023 (1993) 'Method and apparatus for detecting concealed substances' notably in period 1993-2016 referenced by 110 new US patents.
  • e.g. Patent US6678396 (2002) 'Method for non-invasive measurement of properties of meat', was basis for commercialisation success with partners.
  • Regulatory matter expertise on issues regarding safe uses of radiation. Included training courses for NZ Customs staff.
  • Extensive international experience: presentations relating to fast neutrons, gamma-rays and x-rays in research.
  • Collaborated with Asia/Pacific research groups applying non-invasive techniques in industry.
  • Previously a principal investigator supporting researchers at SCPS, Victoria University, Wellington, NZ. Developing and demonstrating new radiation imaging devices.Supporting PhD supervisor for 2 PhD students.
  • International physics journals publications (e.g. recent below and via researchgate link elsewhere on this page). International journal referee (radiation physics)

Recent Publications in International Journals

  • Winch, N.M, Edgar, A.; Bartle, C.M, 2014. Thermal neutron imaging with CsBr storage phsophors. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, A763: 394-398.
  • Bartle, C. Murray; 2014. A fast neutron and dual-energy gamma-ray absorption method (NEUDEG) for investigating materials using a 252Cf source. Radiation Measurements, 63: 32-37.
  • Dixie, Laura Catherine; Edgar, Andrew; Bartle, Colin Murray; 2014. Samarium doped calcium fluoride: A red scintillator and X-ray phosphor. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, A753: 131-137.
  • Dixie, Laura C.; Edgar, Andrew; Bartle, C. Murray; 2014. Spectroscopic and radioluminescence properties of two bright X-ray phosphors: Strontium barium chloride doped with Eu2+ or Sm2+. Journal of Luminescence,149:91-98.
  • Breukers, R.G., Bartle, C.M., Edgar, A., 2013. Transparent lithium loaded plastic scintillators for thermal neutron detection. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, A701: 58-61.
  • Dixie, Laura; Edgar, Andrew; Bartle, Murray; 2013. Energy resolved imaging with a stratified phosphor detector. Radiation Measurements, 56: 129-133.
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  • Bartle, C.M., Williams, G.V.M., 2011. An efficient directional fast neutron sensor for a mixed radiation field. Radiation Measurements, 46: 1716-1719.
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