Contact Details

Dr. C. Murray Bartle
Wellington, New Zealand

m. +64 21 1696719

Feature Agency: Nuclear Malaysia, MOSTI, Malaysia

  • VISION: 'Nuclear Science and technology for knowledge generation, Wealth creation, and societal and national well-being'. 'Nuclear technology propels the national vision'. MOSTI 2010.

Feature Physicist: Professor N F Barber (MSc DSc Leeds FRSNZ, 1909-1992) - Attitude of a Physicist 1965

C. Murray Bartle

Murray Bartle, PhD

PhD in Physics

Murray has a teaching and research background in applied physics.

Activities since 2005

  • 2016 - Consultant to the Agricultural sector in New Zealand

  • 2011-2015 Contracted part-time lecturer applied physics and 2005-2013 member radiation imaging group

    Victoria University of Wellington

  • 2010-present Director and Owner

    Penguin Scientific and Medical Ltd

    Research, applications of physics in industry, development of new measurement methods, international science and education. Invited presenter to Asia/Pacific countries on industrial uses of neutrons

  • 2005-2010 Principal Scientist

    GNS Science

    Previously a senior scientist and scientist since 1980. Research team Leader in applying non-invasive techniques in industry

Sketch of Capabilities and Highlights

  • A NZer with experience both in NZ and overseas in research and tertiary teaching.
  • Previously a senior lecturer at UCT Cape Town South Africa, and research associate at UW Madison Wisconsin USA and at ANU Canberra Australia.
  • Patentee in novel noninvasive methods for evaluating hidden compositions, densities, thicknesses and locations.

Click 'Links'(above) for additional experience & publications. Selected paper (below) - Novel graphical method of contrasting fast neutron and gamma ray absorption in materials

  • Bartle, C. Murray; 2014. A fast neutron and dual-energy gamma-ray absorption method (NEUDEG) for investigating materials using a 252Cf source. Radiation Measurements, 63: 32-37.

Also - Use of the method (above) to distinguish fast neutrons and gamma rays in a mixed radiation beam

  • Bartle, C.M., Williams, G.V.M., 2011. An efficient directional fast neutron sensor for a mixed radiation field. Radiation Measurements, 46: 1716-1719.