C. Murray Bartle PhD

Murray Bartle, PhD

PhD in Physics

Murray has a teaching and research background in applied physics.

Activities since 2005

  • 2016 - present. Consultant to the agricultural industry

  • 2005 - 2015 Contracted lecturer (Applied Physics) and supporting research leader (Radiation Detecting Materials)

    Victoria University of Wellington

    2011 - 2015 Lecturing (experimental techniques and nuclear energy); 2005 - 2013 Research (radiation detection group, leader: Assoc.Prof.Andy Edgar).

  • 2010 - present. Director and Owner

    Penguin Scientific and Medical Ltd

    Research, Applications of physics in industry, development of new measurement methods, international science and education. Invited presenter to Asia/Pacific countries on industrial uses of neutrons.

  • 2005 - 2010 Principal Scientist

    GNS Science

    Previously a senior scientist and scientist since 1980. Research team Leader in applying non-invasive techniques in industry.

Sketch of Capabilities and Highlights

  • 'Linkedin' skills: physics, science, nuclear physics, research, electronics, R&D, radiation, teaching, materials science, solid state physics, and 11 others.
  • Research leader in applying dual beam radiation techniques in assessing fat in meat on conveyor belts, 1987-94 (neutron/gamma) and 1995-2010 (DEXA).
  • Attended in 1995 with a NZ Civil Aviation Authority group the AVSEC Security EXPO in Sydney regarding DEXA baggage scanners. Realised their potential for real-time fat measurement of 100% of boneless meat product while conveyed during meat processing. Was the scientific leader in the R&D with partners GNS Science, ANZCO Foods (joint venture called MeatVision) and US scanner manufacturers. Demonstration of a scanner able to assess fat in boneless meat at production speed was achieved at the ANZCO Riverlands plant (NZ) from 2004. Specifically I developed new algorithms for software in this application. Subsequently these scanners were marketed for meat processing around the world.
  • Important papers: 2004 C. M. Bartle C. Kröger and J.G. West, ‘New uses of X-ray transmission techniques in the animal-based industries’, Radia.Phys.Chem. 71; 843; 2007 R.W. Purchas, R. Archibald, J.G. West., C.M. Bartle. ‘An evaluation of the EagleTM FA DEXA (Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry) scanner as a method of estimating the chemical lean in cartons of boneless beef’, Food New Zealand, February/March issue.
  • Patentee in novel noninvasive methods for evaluating hidden compositions, densities, thicknesses and locations (owners GNS Science).
  • e.g. Patent US5479023 (1993) 'Method and apparatus for detecting concealed substances' notably in period 1993-2016 referenced by 110 new US patents.
  • e.g. Patent US6678396 (2002) 'Method for non-invasive measurement of properties of meat', was basis for commercialisation success with partners.
  • Extensive international experience: presentations relating to fast neutrons, gamma-rays and x-rays in research.
  • Experience provides a unique skill base in industrial innovation and tertiary teaching both in NZ and overseas. Previously a senior lecturer at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, a research fellow at the Australian National University and research associate at the University of Wisconsin, Madison USA
  • Held consultancies at Los Alamos National Laboratory USA and with NZ Customs and Biosecurity NZ.
  • Regulatory matter expertise on issues regarding safe uses of radiation. Included training courses for 100 NZ Customs staff during the introduction of new scanners at NZ airports and seaports during 2003-2006. During that period I was a principal consultant to NZ Customs for selecting new scanning systems at airports and seaports;
  • Collaborated with Asia/Pacific research groups applying non-invasive techniques in industry. Specifically in Vietnam (2010) and Malaysia (2010 and 2013) and Beijing (2012) principally in the capacity of an IAEA Expert.
  • Previously a principal investigator supporting researchers at SCPS, Victoria University, Wellington, NZ. Developing and demonstrating new radiation imaging devices.Supporting PhD supervisor for 2 PhD students.
  • 2006-2007. Representing NZ at IAEA technical meetings on detecting landmines at Vienna and Padua;
  • 1995-2009. Representing at IAEA international meetings at Vienna, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Mumbai;
  • International physics journals publications (e.g. recent below and via researchgate link elsewhere on this page). International journal referee (radiation physics)

Recent Publications in International Journals

  • Winch, N.M, Edgar, A.; Bartle, C.M, 2014. Thermal neutron imaging with CsBr storage phsophors. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, A763: 394-398.
  • Bartle, C. Murray; 2014. A fast neutron and dual-energy gamma-ray absorption method (NEUDEG) for investigating materials using a 252Cf source. Radiation Measurements, 63: 32-37.
  • Dixie, Laura Catherine; Edgar, Andrew; Bartle, Colin Murray; 2014. Samarium doped calcium fluoride: A red scintillator and X-ray phosphor. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, A753: 131-137.
  • Dixie, Laura C.; Edgar, Andrew; Bartle, C. Murray; 2014. Spectroscopic and radioluminescence properties of two bright X-ray phosphors: Strontium barium chloride doped with Eu2+ or Sm2+. Journal of Luminescence,149:91-98.
  • Breukers, R.G., Bartle, C.M., Edgar, A., 2013. Transparent lithium loaded plastic scintillators for thermal neutron detection. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, A701: 58-61.
  • Dixie, Laura; Edgar, Andrew; Bartle, Murray; 2013. Energy resolved imaging with a stratified phosphor detector. Radiation Measurements, 56: 129-133.
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  • Bartle, C.M., Williams, G.V.M., 2011. An efficient directional fast neutron sensor for a mixed radiation field. Radiation Measurements, 46: 1716-1719.
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